We take a great deal of pride in creating the best possible experience for our anglers. Many thanks to our wonderful clients and friends for providing these testimonials.

“One of, if not the finest lure fisherman in the world. A true perfectionist. Every lure that goes in the water is rigged to catch a Grander.”

Hook Harmeling, BillfishReport.com

“Chip is a great captain and also a great friend. I caught my first blue marlin with Chip over 15 years ago and have caught marlin with him every year since. Fishing with Chip, we have won 2 tournaments and placed in several others. Chip is very meticulous about every aspect of fishing. I know that every time out we have a chance to catch a big fish!”

Randy Weih, Kansas City

“Fishing with Chip on the Luna is the perfect balance between having a great time on a glamour boat and knowing that if you get “the one” jump on, you have the best chance in the world of catching it. I was fortunate enough to catch the women’s 130lb pacific blue marlin world record with Chip at the helm, it was the best experience of my life and knowing Chip was in charge filled both myself and the crew with the confidence we needed to land the fish of a life time. I cannot recommend the crew on the Luna enough!!!”

Alexandra Nuttall, Sydney, Australia

“I fished a week with Chip in 2014…He is one serious fisherman with lure trolling knowledge only his years of experience can master. Would highly recommend him to a first time angler or someone that’s out to chase records and to top it all off he’s a real nice bloke…sorry but that’s the Aussie in me.”

Mark Curtis, Sydney, Australia

“Chip has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of Kona’s all-time best skippers. His long list of outstanding catches here, in the South Pacific and tropical Atlantic attest to his success. Over the years, he has learned from the best and been generous in sharing his expertise with fishermen everywhere.”

Jim Rizzuto, Fishing Hawaii

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